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Welcome to my page! My name is Dia and I am originally from Hungary, but by heart I feel myself a Mediterrean soul. :) You are here because probably you are ready for your best day ever in your life! Am I right? ;) But who I am and what kind of service is Cyprus Photography&Tours?

Basically I am a pure Cyprus-lover adventurous PROFESSIONAL* photographer in Cyprus. I am ready to invite You to an unforgettable adventure with me, as your travel-buddy-guide-driver-photographer:) With me you will enjoy all the moments of your trip. I provide private,  safe, extremely flexible, comfortable service. You will experience with me the REAL Cyprus, I will introduce you this magical, unforgattable island with it's 1000 faces. Are you ready for your next adventure? All my Photo Tours are fun adventures and photoshooting in one! Yes, this is not a joke! Finally you will have an amazing travel buddy who will take you to the most beautiful and secret places and also a private professional photographer without any extra costs!

With my you will experience a lot of funny moments, laugh and breath taking "WOOOW" moments. I will take you with my 4x4 mini jeep and Nikon camera to the most beautiful places in Cyprus. I am always ready, how about you? :)

Tour information

The tours are around 7-8-hour long,

30-40 EDITED  professional (high quality) creative tour portrait included for FREE person

Pictures are ready in 2-10 days 

Photo tour prices*

3-4 people - 75 Euro/person  

2 people - 90 Euro/person  

1 person - 180 Euro/person

(Mixed jeep+boat tour extra 10Euro/person)



  • Paphos, Ciprus